Systematic Literature Review

A systematic literature review is designed to summarise the results of available studies and gives a high level of evidence-based decisions on the effectiveness of interventions. Our experts can handle any research, whether you need systematic review based on established clinical trials or review based on observational study designs or identity (e.g. psychology) intervention? Our experts at PhDiZone, perform a rigorous systematic review by following a multi-step process.

Best Literature Review Writing Services

This entire process requires professional support from a reputed provider of systematic literature review writing service, where we fit in absolutely. We, at PhDiZone, use both quantitative and qualitative research methods while we perform our systematic literature review writing service. We possess a team of experts with theoretical and statistical knowledge who can come up including logical, field-based writing for this chapter.

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As a result, most reviews take more time than necessary while contributing little constructive knowledge to the author. The following text offers some tips to the referee to assist in the preparation of a written review. Learning the mechanics of review writing can never substitute for full comprehension of the material, but it can transform the study into a constructive document. At the same time, there are simple rules for identifying flaws in the paper that greatly simplify review preparation and allow the referee to concentrate on the paper’s content. This guide focuses on technical articles, but some advice also applies to social sciences and liberal arts documents.